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About FMS

Everything about Fiber Assembly

Fiber Assembly Manufacturing Service (FMS) was formed by a group of manufacturing engineers specializing in the design, development and manufacturing of Fiber optic Patchcord, MTP/MPO Assemblies and Multifiber Trunk Cable Assemblies. We OEM for many optical fiber network companies in the world including some of the most famous brands in the industry. We are in low profile while since we have participated in lot of benchmarking projects in optical transmission, we have range of special designed production equipment such as crimping machine for 10KG pulling resistance and have merged various top tiers production protocols to advance our termination capabilities.


Why FMS in Optical Assemblies

  • Quick turn around on custom assemblies
  • Standard dust ratings in the industry is at 10% while our ratings are at 5% which is especially important for telecom application
  • Use 353ND epoxy for superior reliability and durability over time and change in temperature
  • All Patch Cords are 100% tested. Fiber pigtails are 100% tested as assemblies then cut into pigtails
  • All of patchcords would be tested under 200X as well as 400X microscope to make sure there is not scratches on the ferrule end
  • The IEC pulling resistance requirement is 6.5KG but our standard is 7KG and upon request, we can make them even higher
  • Upon request, we can manage 100% tested and passed in Telcordia GR-326-CORE
  • We can offer a Low Loss Random Mating Grade requirement which is essential in 5G Networks. This can prove our production capability